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French Tuesdays is a by invitation-only Online Community. Its members have full access to the community and can register for French Tuesdays Events across the World

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How to become a member
How to become a member
French Tuesdays' membership is based on recommendations from existing members. Members can invite friends to join the online community and become webmembers, by entering the persons email addresses in the "Sponsor a member" menu option on the FT website.

In order to have a chance to be upgraded to full Membership, the webmembers must fully complete their online profiles, with a picture, business and academic info. Upgrade will also depend on the webmember's activity on the website, and space available for full membership in each city.

Please note that upgrades and cancellations of membership will remain at the discretion of French Tuesdays.

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LA. NYC or Hong Kong, join us around the world for a chic and friendly celebration. The French Tuesdays family is waiting for you to join the festivities.      

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NYE is around the corner

We are very happy to host our NYE event at the Wayfarer. Doors open at 8pm Drink Menu:  Champagne Thienot brut $160++, by the glass at $16++- Champagne Thienot Rose $195++, by the glass $19++- Chateau Pey La Tour Bordeaux Red, by the bottle at $60++- Belvedere $290++- Mixed drinks $13++- Coc...

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